We believe in the positive transformation of people, processes, products, services and experiences. In today’s digital economy, the pace of innovation is unrelenting, and it creates an urgency for companies to transform. Unfortunately, it is often that rigid processes, risk avoidance, and a mindset of “If it’s working, why change?” prevent the rapid transformation needed to innovate business models, business processes, and, ultimately, the people in an organization.

At Creative Shower we help you answer the questions of:

  • how do you define innovation and

  • what can you do to consistently bring it into your organization to stay ahead of today’s competitors and those that may emerge as competitors in the future.

We are all about creative execution with a framework - design thinking.


Our process includes:

  • putting the customer in the center of our solution design - using empathy to better understand the needs and innovation opportunities

  • defining the right problem to solve

  • relying on multidisciplinary teams from inside and outside to get better results and more coherent customer experiences

  • frequent iterations to more quickly understand market feedback and successfully launch new products, services, experiences

We believe that design thinking is able to scale innovation throughout the company and bring meaningful innovation for business models, business processes, products and services, customer experience, competency building.


Curious to know how?
Let’s have a talk about where you want to go and what stops you now.

We believe..

Everyone is creative. 

We use a variety of techniques to unlock creativity and give people a set of tools to apply it.

True innovation is only possible when you mix completely different viewpoints.

We encourage organizations to form multidisciplinary teams and facilitate the process of co-creating innovation.

The world keeps changing overnight, and in order to stay relevant we need to search for meaning and inspiration in people.


We help organizations uncover new opportunities through empathy – by seeing through the eyes of the people they are designing for. 

Lincoln was right. ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’.  

We create a space where beautiful minds can get inspired, share ideas and design new models for a meaningful future.