Design Thinking

What is this training about?

In the design thinking training you will learn how to use the design thinking methodology to:

  • solve problems in your organization with your products, services, processes, organizational issues or others.
  • create new ideas for products and services from insights to first prototype.
  • train your people to start using this method in their daily work to become more innovative and generate more ideas.

Who is this for?

Anyone who works with customers - internal or external. Anyone who needs a new way of approaching things. Anyone who looks to learn a different innovation process. Ideal for teams in marketing, sales, HR, finance, production. Best results with cross functional teams.

Expected outcomes

For 2 days you will learn to apply the steps of the methodology either on a generic challenge or on one of your own challenges. It will teach you some methods of divergent thinking that will help you be more innovative. It will give you a good basis for learning from your target group and especially extracting valuable insights from various representatives of your persona. It will expose you to ideation methods that generate myriad of ideas and decrease the set backs of group think. It will show you some ways of rapidly prototyping your ideas and testing them with the market. It will show you the value of exposing yourself to different points of view. Finally, it will give you tools and ideas on how to be more innovative at your job and in your life.

Your input

For ideal benefits, with our help, you could:

  • frame your own challenge.
  • form a team of divergent people with cross functional knowledge.
  • allow for a three day training for optimal results (in order to be able to conduct meaningful “ethnographic” research)