We have trained and trained our employees sometimes to the point of exhaustion. Yet, in this constantly changing world, if we want them to increase their productivity - we need to train them even more. The question is, however, what do we train them in?

Our training module has a set of workshops that help your innovation efforts and programs. They do not provide the learning of a new skill as much as the learning of a new model of working, changing your mindset into becoming more creative, and approaching your everyday tasks from a different angle. It also helps you accelerate your innovation efforts and produce more good ideas to select from, that could refresh your organization and make it a stronger player on the market.

Training is by far not enough by itself - you will also need a support structure to bring the knowledge back into the organization. We offer you a workshop on support-structure building and idea-execution process management which will help you ensure that your efforts are sustainable and your investment - well taken care of.

Case studies

Aurubis Bulgaria 

The original task
The client asked us for an offer for training and coaching of their managers in the Production division in decision-making and communication skills. They needed a new, more creative approach - different from the soft-skill training, which had already been tried.

The re-defined challenge
In the discovery stage we worked with the HR team and the Production Director at Aurubis, to pinpoint key insights of the needs and pains of the management team. As a result, we decided to create a special space for experimentation and sharing called The Workshop (Работилницата) – dedicated time for the managers to bring in their problems and issues and learn from each other’s experience.

The process
A predefined time and place each month for hands on problem-solving. In The Workshop slot we were defining the current challenges and tackling them together through co-creation, ideation and solution prototyping. In the process we introduced them to new tools and approaches in empathy, problem reframing, decision-making, delegation and communication.

The outcome
“Creative Shower offers a different approach to management training and development. Their process includes elements of psychology and design thinking that were new to us. They are very good at including the audience in participating and sharing, and are relying on co-creation in problem solving and knowledge sharing rather than just theoretical lectures. Our management team was motivated for the future, equipped with new tools to experiment with and bonded much better together in aiming to achieve the strategic goals of the division.”  - Elena Marina – Training and Development manager at Aurubis

Prestige (design thinking fundamentals)

The challenge
Prestige approached us with the specific request to carry out a two-day design thinking training for their employees, so that they can get to know different processes of approaching their work, and find new methods that can get them more inspiration, more perspectives to look from, and more ideas to play around with and implement.

Process and outcome
We wanted to design a training that is very interactive and gets them through the process of design thinking in a very practical and dynamic way. The solution we chose was to pose a mini-challenge (creating a new product or service for runners), which engages them with a specific audience and takes them a step away from their line of business and, thus, from working with assumptions. After covering the fundamentals of design thinking, we went into the process of discovery, where we conducted a number of in-depth interviews with runners whom we had invited to participate. This ended up being one of the most valued aspects of the workshop. The process was followed by forming insights, synthesizing the information, generating ideas and creating prototypes. We finished the end of day two with a show-and-tell session and a bottle of champagne for the winners.

The feedback
"Creative Shower showed their professionalism in carrying out a quality interactive training in the area of creative thinking, and proved to be a good and trustworthy partner in organising specialised and personalised trainings. During the two-day workshop our employees were faced with the challenge to change their point of view and to stimulate their innovative and creative thinking, and had the chance to get to know new approaches and tools, which enhance the generation of creative ideas. The facilitators from Creative Shower have a rich expertise and an established image, and showed excellent skills in teaching the method, as well as enhancing it further with new skills and knowledge. The feedback on the content, the organisation and the delivery of the training was very good, which is a certain prerequisite for future cooperation between our companies." - Magdalena Sergieva, Director of Human Resources at Prestige 96

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