We partner with Eleven and work intensely with each new batch of startups at the beginning of their program. We deep dive into their concept, purpose, people, user journeys, business models, etc. for six full days - we call it the Startup Design Camp. Below you can catch a glimpse of the working process, the atmosphere, and, of course, all the fun that we have. 

Batch 8 Startup Design Camp

We have been working with Eleven’s startups over the past two seasons and we just finished our third – with Batch 8.

What we’ve created for them is a Startup Design Camp – a six-day intensive sprint, designed to teach the entrepreneurs essential tools and techniques from the design-thinking process, whilst working on a specific challenge that each startup is faced with at the current moment.

Each day of the Camp covers a different set of tools and perspectives that serve a pre-defined purpose. Below, you can see a brief overview of what our Startup Design Camp with Batch 8 covered.

Day 1
Day one starts with an introduction to Design Thinking through videos and discussions. Followed by applying the design-thinking process in the form of a mini-challenge, where we go through story sharing, empathy, insights, reframing, ideation, prototyping and a show-and-tell session. The day ends with a research plan preparation for the coming days.

Day 2
Day two focuses on each startup’s DNA – their purpose, Why (reason for existence), their territory and their people. Afterwards we dive into the startup’s individual challenges – into formulating and reframing them, if necessary. At the end of the day the teams prepare a discussion guide which will aid them in their field-work the following day.

Day 3
The third day is dedicated entirely to empathizing with people – interviews, observations, analogous settings and immersion are some of the methods we use. We participate in most of the interviews and support the teams in order for them to get as much value from their field work as possible.

Day 4
After the empathy stage, we get to synthesizing the findings, where story sharing, downloading, and insights are the focus. The days involves a lot of collaborative visualization and a number of tools, including the persona and the journey map. Design principles and a reframed challenge close this divergent stage.

Day 5
Having reframed the challenge, we dedicate day five to (wild) ideation. We involve external people in the process and play around with various techniques, such as connect & combine, reverse brainstorming, brainwriting, and so forth. At the end of the day each team leaves with a solution, which has to be prototyped, and with tips and examples on how to do that.

Day 6
Besides the Show-and-Tell of the prototypes, which closes our Startup Design Camp, day six focuses on preparing the startups for their upcoming mentorship sessions, and places a special emphasis on the Business Model Canvas (with a design thinking twist).

If you are curious to see more or get a feel for the learnings we all had, you can visit our blog.

Creative Shower is an elite business squad that comes in with a bang and makes you question everything you knew about the process of creating. They crave and enjoy fixing puzzles and challenges and, believe me, you want just that when starting your business. One of their greatest superpowers - making everything seem possible and fun,
and unlike the typical ‘straight by the book’ trainings you’ve had before, man,
they enjoy the ride just as much as you do.
— Yoanna Mitova


Batch 7 Startup Design Camp
Below you can see an overview of our Design Camp with Batch 7.

More about the Design Camp:

Can Creativity Be Taught, by Kalina Zhuleva

Embracing the Right Attitude, by Lora Todorova

We are glad that we were part of your workshop. As a new team in the start-up community it was very important for us to have someone put us on the right track right from the beginning. It was fun learning about the persona, user journey, “what, why and how“. And it was a great time saver to have someone give you structured knowledge in the beginning. The workshop gave us confidence that we have a methodology which will can use to develop our idea in the most beneficial way.
— Georgi Pavlov AVSD Ltd.
CreativeShower is a shower like you never had before. It provides the rain that washes clumsy assumptions and conclusions about your product and customers - and makes you shine. The CreativeShower team led us through a process of thinking and creating where we learned what our product truly was and what it actually did. You don’t wanna miss this shower!
— Ivan Jelušić u:Plug
Because of you guys we decided to create more value for the end-user, not only for the business.

Exploring New Frontiers

We are very proud to be a preferred partner to Eleven Acceleration Venture Fund. They have given us the opportunity to work with their start-ups and to bring back the human focus in their work, to ponder on their purpose, formulate their design principles and finally make sure that whatever they do will be relevant to their customers.

Stay tuned for more information on the work that we will do with Batch 7 starting from mid-September.


Your Product in a Box

What will happen when you get together in a room 30 entrepreneurs, 4 Creative Shower ladies and a bunch of carton boxes for an hour?  We played the Product in a Box exercise during the selection days for Eleven’s Batch 7 and what you see is the result – 30 representations of start-up ideas, 30 random presentations based on the prototypes. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

Thank you for confusing us.
Without confusion we wouldn’t have been compelled to get more creative.