We believe that design is a critical element of any business. It is especially important for startups, 80% of which usually fail within the first three years of establishment. They might have a killer technology and a great business model but sometimes they lack a critical element that could make them relevant and connect them to their specific market. This is where design thinking and service design come in.

During our continuous work as the Design Thinking Lab of Eleven, we have worked with more than 80 startups, with 30 of whom we have conducted Startup Design Camps. We identify customer insights, create a viable value proposition, turn technology into solution, design and tell stories, so that startups can take off the ground with a solid product-market fit and excellent understanding of the drivers behind their market and business model.

We have seen this working in big corporations too and are happy to transfer the learnings into building a culture of intrapreneurship.

Case studies
VetCloud (design sprint) 

The challenge
VetCloud came to us with a product with excellent features and a great technology, which, however failed in its sales strategy and in reaching the right target market – the one with the least resistance. They wanted to improve their sales pitch, website and general tone of voice, and to find a way to stand out in the crowd.

Process and outcome
Over the course of our intensive three-day Design Sprint, we underwent a process, which started all the way fromVetCloud’s purpose and value proposition. We then deep-dived into the product and its features in order to pinpoint the ones that are most liked and most needed. The in-depth interviews with potential clients from the UK helped us gain a deeper understanding of the key persona and her needs, lifestyle and priorities. It also led us to the target group of least resistance. Based on the findings we reworked the product features and functionalities, as well as the demo. Going through the user journey we identified opportunities for communication touch-points, as well as sales points. We worked on the communication plan and fine-tuned the company’s brand identity, finishing off with a set of design principles for VetCloud’s website and a discussion of the steps to follow.

 The feedback
“We approached Creative Shower because we needed help with figuring out the most relevant market segment for our product, and the tone of voice of our company. Creative Shower helped us by diving deep into the market, problems and our solution, and helping us figure out what our ideal customer profile looks like. The result was the development of a clear customer journey that helps users get to that important "wow" moment while trying our solution quickly and effortlessly. Our users now have instant clarity about how our product helps them be more successful and organized than ever before, which directly affects our conversion rate positively. 
One thing I liked was their approach, which is creative, team-oriented and thorough. I found the experience refreshing. Although we were working hard, it was really great to step back for a few days from daily operations and routine, and look at the state of the business and toward the horizon from a fresh perspective. I would recommend Creative Shower to people who want to sell their product better, find their brand voice or a way to stand out in the crowd.“ 
– Ivan Vesic, CEO of VetCloud


Startup Design Camps for Eleven's startups

We partner with Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund and have organized a series of Startup Design Camps – an intensive bootcamp, designed to teach the entrepreneurs essential tools and techniques from the design-thinking process, whilst working on a specific challenge that each startup is faced with. So far we have organized 4 Startup Design Camps with up to 10 startups each, and have worked further with some of them as part of our Design Thinking Lab at Eleven. 

Each day of the five-day Camp covers a different set of tools and perspectives that serve a pre-defined purpose. We set up actual interviews and encourage intentional observation, go through journey mapping, ideation and actual prototyping of the designed solutions. Here you can read more about some of our past design camps, or feel free to drop us a line.

Feedback on our Startup Design Camps
“Creative Shower’s workshops and individual sessions with the companies have always been among the highest ranked from our program in terms of feedback. More importantly we have seen tangible results and significant improvement in the companies’ work following their involvement and implementing some of the techniques learned. Creative Shower do have a very direct approach, quickly turning design thinking’s useful methodology to practical solutions in each particular case. Perhaps very important for their success is their extensive experience from the business world, which allows them to quickly translate theory into actionable items. I have rarely found this quality in consultants and therefore value Creative Shower as our partners. ” – Ivaylo Simov, Managing partner at Eleven

Some of the startups we've worked closely with