Sector focus? No, thanks.

We don’t specialize in one specific sector. We jump between industries. Cross-fertilisation is key in our domain. Imagine how business models from the Fashion industry could be adapted to a Chemical partnership model.

Dear clients, thanks!

From the very beginning my team and I had a very comfortable feeling working with the Creative Shower team - we had a feeling that we had found a partner to work with on our problem rather than an external consulting firm, and this attitude never changed throughout the consultancy. My team (around 60 people) were very happy to participate in the workshops with Creative Shower and each time they felt like they gained from the participating. In the workshops they included different techniques from the design thinking field as well as from their significant experience in the corporate world to help us co-create this new structure together emphasising the value chain we have and wanted to enhance.

In the end, I believe, and so does my team, that we met the goals of our project. Now we have begun to implement the solution that we derived and I can say that we found the best solution for our problems. I am very happy to recommend Creative Shower as a partner.
— Marco Jara, Delivery Manager at Sofia Technology Consulting Hub, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I would like to highlight the excellent preparation and results achieved by the Open Innovation Challenge, an event facilitated by Creative Shower with the support of Vincenzo di Maria. We selected Creative Shower out of 3 shortlisted Bulgarian and international companies and well exceeded our expectations during execution. The incredible positive energy generated by Creative Shower drove the participants to challenge the status quo of financial services and redesign the customer and employee experience. This event created an excellent momentum within our organization and beyond, being communicated within Societe Generale group as a positive example of promoting innovation culture. As a result, the innovation program within SGEB continues with 4 internal fintech startups — established based on the winning ideas — working actively to deliver prototypes.
Having this positive experience with Creative Shower, I highly recommend their services to other organizations looking to boost innovation and intrapreneurship.
— Radoy Stoyanov, Head of Marketing and Digital Banking, Societe Generale Expressbank Bulgaria