What is this?

Learn what sticks and how to deliver it like a professional from:

  • a professional theater director
  • a business professional
  • a presentation skills class with context and attitude.
  • hands on learnings and experience
  • lifelong skills and fun process

How it works

  • Session 1: Nail the narrative. The story. The flow. The logic. The content.
  • Session 2: Learn how to get in front of the audience. Tricks of the actor’s trade. Public speaking one on one.
  • Session 3: Refine the presentation’s content and the public speaking techniques.
  • Session 4: Pitch practice. Put them both together - the story and the delivery. Practice.


Who is it for

Anyone who needs to learn the art of public speaking and science of telling your story in a logical, persuading and emotionally capturing way. Especially good for mid and senior level management who need to give persuasive presentations to their Boards, to conferences, to their employees.

Expected outcomes

A well structured presentation with a logical and convincing storyline. A good story capturing the audience’s attention. Skills in stage performance, voice control, stress relief, persuasion techniques, etc.


Petar Kaukov

  Rene Tomova

Rene Tomova

Petar Kaukov is a theatre director and an actor. He is a Stage behaviour Mentor at Eleven Startup Accelerator and also an assistant professor at National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Together with Rene Tomova, they create the inspiring delivery of Pitch assist.

Proof of concept: We have used this methodology to prepare the Eleven Accelerator Fund batches for demo day and it did miracles for their company presentation and public speaking skills. Consistently Eleven's teams are winning pitching competitions throughout Europe in the last couple of years.