Organizational development and innovation

Employees are overwhelmed by complex processes and procedures, by technology, applications, and a constant flood of information. We use design thinking to tackle unnecessary workplace complexity by using our human-centred techniques and putting the employee in the centre - helping to improve productivity by designing solutions that are relevant, enjoyable and simple.

Traditional HR solutions are typically programs, processes or procedures to hire, train and assess people, to ensure compliance or document a practice. Through design thinking we can help HR professionals become more “system and experience designers” and less “process developers.”

Case studies

Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Sofia Technology Consulting Hub 
(value-based organizational structure design)

The challenge 
Marco Jara, the manager of the Sofia Technology Consulting Hub at HPE Bulgaria, came to us with the request to help him design a new organizational structure for his team, which is built around their value-creating processes and team culture, rather than the standard hierarchical divisions.

Process and outcome
We worked together with Marco and part of his team in a series of co-creation workshops, where we looked at the existing values, resources, relationships and building blocks through creative techniques. This process was further supported by a number of in-depth interviews with different team members in order to gain a deeper understanding of their feelings, ambitions, work habits, as well as their needs, pains and desires. Towards the end of the process we focused our attention on creating the new structure and ended up with a model that is based on communities, community coordinators, a right-hand team and a vox populi. A value-based structure, which supports quality and growth, enables continuous knowledge sharing, caters to the team’s flexibility, and most importantly – remains simple and light.

The feedback
"From the very beginning my team and I had a very comfortable feeling working with the Creative Shower team - we had a feeling that we had found a partner to work with on our problem rather than an external consulting firm, and this attitude never changed throughout the consultancy. My team (around 60 people) were very happy to participate in the workshops with Creative Shower and each time they felt like they gained from the participating. In the workshops they included different techniques from the design thinking field as well as from their significant experience in the corporate world to help us co-create this new structure together emphasising the value chain we have and wanted to enhance. 

In the end, I believe, and so does my team, that we met the goals of our project. Now we have begun to implement the solution that we derived and I can say that we found the best solution for our problems. I am very happy to recommend Creative Shower as a partner." – Marco Jara, Delivery Manager at Sofia TC Hub


Chaos Group (designing a sustainable innovation culturе)

The challenge
“For the last one year we were going through major organizational changes, growing from a company of 35 people in 2009 to 250 people in 2016. One of the biggest challenges we have is keeping our culture and values untouched despite the fast growth as well as being able to radiate them to everyone in the company.” Chaos asked us to help them extract their core values and turn them into behaviours. Values are your roadmap to your Northern star, the map that guides your staff into achieving your dreams. But if you don’t know what your Northern star (purpose) is, you cannot draw up a road map. Thus, we offered Chaos to go through the steps of extracting and getting the buy-in for the purpose first, and then working on the values and behaviours.

Process and outcome
We worked for one full day during the management team’s offsite and spent half of the day getting everyone on board for the purpose of the company. Since part of the team resides in the US and part of it – in Bulgaria, it took a lot of discussion and alignment. We then discussed behaviours and different viewpoints on what drives the company forward. We tried to convert the empty phrases we often come up with, into human and actionable, meaningful words. Reinforcing the values through behaviours is just the beginning of the process – the real outcome is the start of the conversation about why establishing your corporate culture proactively is more important than relying on its grass-roots formation. Values are something that has to be part of all new and established processes within your company alongside its growth – from recruitment and onboarding, to sharing responsibilities and holding people accountable for their actions, to how you split and user your budgets.

The feedback
“No solution fits all - Creative Shower demonstrated exceptional attitude towards getting to know us and our specific needs.We had a substantial first phase where they took the time to get to know Chaos in details: our behaviours, what drives us, and what specifically we would like to change and improve in our culture. One absolute advantage that we found in the team is their diverse background. For us it was crucial to have someone who speaks our language, who knows the pains of a startup and at the same time who can bring in the know-how and experience that come only with working at big corporations. Creative Shower is the best blend of these two. ... Creative Shower is a place where walking an extra mile is a mantra, and they’ve also managed to create their own unique method to help organizations grow and sustain – one that is interesting, provocative and innovative.”  - Maria Padalski, VP Talent Organization at Chaos Software, Ltd. 

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