Innovation consulting

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Helping stuck companies move forward

There is a moment when you know you should do something new to keep growing, but you don't know what it is. Then you can either reinvent yourself and keep growing or you start cost cutting and dying. We can help your people to find new & sustainable sources of profit so you can keep doing what you do best. 

  • How might we kick-start innovation within our organisation?
  • How might we become more innovative and tackle disruption in our market?
  • How to structure my internal accelerator and do I need one at all?


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Building innovation teams to drive results

Whether you have a running innovation team or are starting one now it is always good to understand the tools & frameworks available for innovation. We are ready to offer different training modules or just work together on a real-life innovation challenge. Do you question yourself:

  • How to make my innovation team more efficient?
  • What are new tools that can make my efforts more successful?
  • How might we use design thinking to become more innovative?
  • How might we make sure that our training efforts will be sustainable?

Innovation events


innovation events that make sense

We believe that it is creativity and imagination that unlock innovation. And innovation then becomes the fuel for entrepreneurship and new ideas. There are many ways to spark creativity – events are one.

We can help you create extraordinary events that:

  • mix different people and viewpoints;
  • inspire ideas, connections, stories;
  • give you a new perspective of your business and what is to come in the future.

Challenge us with your end goal and let us make your event worth it.