Design Sprint

The signature product of Creative Shower.

How would you feel if you could answer critical business questions in 3 to 5 days without the endless discussions, using a proven methodology and a hands-on approach?

A design sprint is a highly structured 3 to 5 day facilitated innovation cycle with up to 7 team members with multidisciplinary backgrounds where you dive into a specific topic by defining it, prototyping, testing and validating. It's a start-to-finish stretch of work to tackle uncertainty and risk in the least amount of time, with the greatest amount of learning for the organization.

We facilitate the process to enable teams to focus on the most important issues to solve, by selecting the right problems, so you can set a path to achieve your long term goals most effectively and efficiently.

We have run several design sprints. Here is an example of our most successful one with the leading HR Tech company in Bulgaria - In their mini design sprint of 3 days, they killed one product, and came up with a completely new one from scratch to rough prototype and Go-to-market strategy. 

Our methodology is mostly based on The Sprint Book by Jake Knapp. (How to solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five days) enriched by our own experience and learnings from working with both start-ups and corporates. Call us and let’s talk about how we can be of help.

If you would like to see a video on design sprints you can see a short one here and a longer version here.