What is this about?

The HR Jam is a design-thinking workshop, to create innovative solutions for your human resource management in interdisciplinary teams in one day. HR Jams apply the proven tools and methods of „jams“ (e.g. Global Service Jam) to the needs and goals of human resources management.

The focus of this workshop is on user needs, interdisciplinary collaboration and rapid prototyping iterations. HR Jam is focused on the joint action, to achieve a number of concrete results in a very short time. As a positive side effect creative and innovative tools are learned in the „learning by doing“ mode.


Some topics you can tackle in the HR Jam are:

  • interdepartmental development of internal training
  • interdisciplinary development of attractive recruiting and employer branding services as well as staff development
  • exploit the potential of employees and their networks in the recruitment
  • create a performance management system employees will find useful and helpful
  • create a better, more organic and effective organizational structure


HR Jam is characterized by:

  • user- centeredness
  • employees (and their knowledge, experiences and needs) are directly involved in the development
  • departments participate in the development process. High degree of involvement
  • interdisciplinary / interdepartmental cooperation, internal coordination and development periods extremely shortened and made efficient
  • iterations (build & test prototypes)
  • presentable workshop results e.g. prototypes
  • no solitary development of formats by the HR managers
  • own existing knowledge and experience in the company can be used, allowing to incorporate it in the development of formats

Expected outcomes

  • HR challenges are being effectively solved
  • Interesting ideas are being prototyped on challenges that matter
  • interdisciplinary team collaboration is being tested (away from thinking within departmental boundaries)
  • Creative methods are learned and teams are strengthened
  • Facilitation by a neutral moderator brings new perspectives to the teams

Duration: One or a series of workshops, depending on the challenges at hand.



Who is it for?

  • HR managers and their teams who are in charge of transforming their organizations and are looking for new ways of doing it.
  • HR teams who are on the lookout of new and innovative methods of solving their internal challenges.
  • People managers who have challenges building and structuring their organizations.