Our principles

Asking the right questions to solve the right problem.    

Optimism.    Co-creation.    Open mindset.    Consistency.    Commitment.    Creativity.

People innovate, not processes or systems. 

Whether we work with small or large businesses, corporates, startups or the public sector, there are several principles that we always abide by:

  • Spend enough time with the client to figure out what the real problem we are solving is. We ask a lot of questions, we push to the bottom of every issue until we are sure we are solving for the right challenge.
  • Make sure we form a multidisciplinary team to work with. Always co-create with the client, rather than work alone and deliver only guidance and recommendations. If there are not enough people to represent different viewpoints within the organization, we make sure we invite outsiders to provide a completely unbiased and creative point of view.
  • We make sure that there is buy-in from the top, and that management is involved inside-out (especially if there is a serious change concerning organizational culture). We have seen time and again companies fail in transformation and change when it is only HR pushing for the change. So we request meetings with the top management and use all our persuasive skills and charm to get them involved. We don’t always succeed but when we do it is the beginning of a beautiful, meaningful and successful change-management effort.
  • We always try to create a support environment, so that our efforts last and stay relevant. We strive for our trainings and projects to become part of the running processes and the culture of the organization, so that there is a lasting change and the objectives are fulfilled.
  • We want our interventions to be fast and efficient. We don’t believe in very long projects. We believe in adding our energy and value to your organization for a concentrated effort, and letting you move on with your business in a better, more relevant way –both for your customers and employees.