At Creative Shower we believe that it is creativity that unlocks innovation.

There are many ways to spark creativity – events are one.

We can help you create events that:

  • make sense;
  • mix different people and viewpoints;
  • inspire ideas, connections, stories;
  • give you a new perspective of your business and what is to come in the future.

You can work with us to create your own event, or you can pick an existing format.

Reach out to us for more info.


Case studies

Societe Generale Expressbank #Better Open Innovation Challenge
(Corporate Innovation Days format) 


The challenge
Societe Generale approached us at a time when they had decided to start investing time, effort and resources into brining innovation and a spirit of intrapreneurship into their projects and, eventually, into their culture. They were looking for a way to kick-start their innovation efforts in a way that engages a big part of their employees and makes a loud statement about the direction they’ve chosen. Together with Radoy (the Head of Marketing and Digital Banking) we sat together and decided that what we needed was a big, fun, interactive and meaningful event, which mixes together Societe’s employees with external people from different ages and occupations, and especially with people from the startup scene.

Process and outcome
In this project we collaborated with our friend and facilitator Vincenzo Di Maria from commonground people, and came up together with a concept for the event - Societe Generale Open Innovation Challenge. The event mixed together 35 employees from the bank with 35 external people - all working in small teams over the course of two days. The goal was to redesign financial services, and for the purpose we created five different challenges and five distinct persona types, which the groups worked with. We guided them through a process, which involved a lot of interactive exercises, creativity tools, brainstorming techniques, as well as a dedicated time to interview potential users of their products. We had active participation from the bank’s CEO, as well as employees from foreign branches. At the end of day two, fifteen new products were created, four of which were selected by a jury and are now already in incubation of their ideas. If you are curious, you can watch the video from our event here

The feedback
"I would like to highlight the excellent preparation and results achieved by the Open Innovation Challenge, an event facilitated by Creative Shower with the support of Vincenzo di Maria. We selected Creative Shower out of 3 shortlisted Bulgarian and international companies and well exceeded our expectations during execution. The incredible positive energy generated by Creative Shower drove the participants to challenge the status quo of financial services and redesign the customer and employee experience. This event created an excellent momentum within our organization and beyond, being communicated within Societe Generale group as a positive example of promoting innovation culture. As a result, the innovation program within SGEB continues with 4 internal fintech startups  established based on the winning ideas working actively to deliver prototypes.
Having this positive experience with Creative Shower, I highly recommend their services to other organizations looking to boost innovation and intrapreneurship." – Radoy Stoyanov, Head of Marketing and Digital Banking, Societe Generale Expressbank Bulgaria

SHIFT talks 
(one of our own formats)

The first SHIFT
SHIFT talks is one of our signature event formats, which we love and often recommend to clients in search of inspiration. The first SHIFT was created as a project for SAP, who wanted to come closer to the startup scene, as well as to emphasize their efforts to be more modern, flexible, relevant and forward-looking.  After sessions of creative brainstorming we came up with the format and its purpose – an experiment, created to inspire, to get us out of the ordinary, to provoke our point of view and encourage us to engage with a variety of people, outside our daily lives.

The format
One event, 49 guests, 7 tables with 7 people each. 3 topics about 3 future trends with 3 distinguished speakers. 15 minutes to discuss each trend – to share, provoke, question, or inspire thoughts.  

SHIFT is an experience, where you can actually have a dialogue and opposing viewpoints; where you can meet, interact and intersect with people outside of your own bubble; where you can learn new things and challenge your own understandings.

Photos by Anton Krustev, Creative Visual Solutions

To us it is extremely important that every part of the event is thought through – from the invitations, to the name badges, the physical set up, the catering, music and drinks, to every little detail that might add value to the experience. We work closely with the speakers to prepare them for their talks and carefully curate the content to make sure it is meaningful, thought-provoking and exciting. 

The best way to get an idea is to check out our short preview of our first SHIFT talks, and if you are in for a [shift] or want to find out more, simply give us a call.  

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