What we believe in and why

We believe in moving forward by doing our best. We believe in working hard, having fun and constantly learning with our clients. We work alone, together and with other people. We believe in the collective intelligence of minds that are being held together by a common purpose. That is why we work with the best freelancers we know for each project we have. 

Who we are


Rene Tomova - The Spirit

My name is Rene and I am the type of person, who gets totally uncomfortable the moment it gets comfortable.

I have changed my management position 7 times for 10 years at my corporate job, and I have left the company 3 years after becoming a Retail Director (responsible for 1300 people and close to 60% of the company revenues) to pursue my dreams. I started working with startups, sharing what my experience and I have worked with 100+ of them from the portfolio of Eleven. When this became a routine I created my own design thinking agency (Creative Shower), which I am constantly transforming to fit the reality of the changing world around us. 

I also have a one year old, and she is 10 years younger than her sister - came just about when life with one kid started feeling comfy again.I have been working with large corporates and mid and small companies, startups, coaching, mentoring and experimenting with different methodologies, processes and ways of approaching problems and challenges. I went through a lot of trials and errors, delights and tribulations, mistakes and more mistakes, always looking for new methods and ways to improve the status quo, challenge the people around me to give their best and come up with relevant and meaningful solutions and new ideas that will bring the future closer.


Teodora Simeonova - The Power

My name is Teodora and I am the person who gets things done.

I have worked in corporates my whole professional life (10+ years until now). I have experienced the security madness of bank industry, the rapid decision making in food retail and the desperate attempt of telco businesses to look future forward. At all these places my professional goal remained one and the same - to get deeper and deeper in the field of people development. I have been a trainer for experts and managers, a designer of training programmes and also the person, who drives this crazy wheel (an annual budget of 1+ millions BGN and managing and/or designing programmes for 500+ people.)

I have been engaged in unique projects but the most rewarding one was the one in which we used Design thinking methodology. The team engaged in this Employer Branding project used DT to revamp the employee experience in a corporation with 2000+ employees. 

I was amazed how powerful DT could be and took the decision to dive deeper and deeper in applying it. 


You can read more about us and our experience on Linked in: Rene/Teodora

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living.

Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.
— Martha Graham