Problem solving and idea generation workshop

Digital transformation is the methodology in which organizations transform and create new business models and culture with digital technologies. It isn’t a project that you just put up once – it’s part of your culture.

Digital transformation involves a radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology in pursuit of new revenue streams or new business models. It also requires cross-departmental collaboration in combining  business-focused approaches with rapid application development models.

And that’s where design thinking comes in: getting everyone involved in innovation

If you are like most companies, doing sporadic efforts for digital transformation, we suggest that you begin the process with a design thinking exercise.

The key part of design thinking is diversity, in disciplines and points of view. Accountants, architects, authors, artists – they all think differently. When you put them in a room and you’re trying to solve the same problem, they come up with different angles. It’s the intersection of these different disciplines that sparks innovation.

The key to success is to make sure the collaboration and brainstorming is properly facilitated and timeboxed, to allow the right structure to help the innovative ideas grow and flourish. Those limits actually make the groups focus more, and by splitting everyone into smaller teams, there is a bit of friendly competition between the different groups that encourages people bring great ideas to the table.

What is it?


A series of workshop where we put the fundamentals of digital transformation in place.

  • What are our goals?
  • Empathise with your users. What are the experiences that they need?
  • Synthesise the information in a Persona and Customer Journey so that you can get all the insights .
  • Use creative techniques to come up with new ideas using the customer insights and what is technologically feasible and economically viable
  • Use the shared framework of the service blueprint to get the front end and back end aligned


Who is it for?

  • Digital transformation teams.
  • Marketing teams.
  • Technology teams.
  • Cross-functional teams, whose task is to take their organization on the digital transformation journey.

Expected outcomes:

  • A clear understanding of the customer expectations, user stories, job to be done, simple omnichannel strategy.
  • A clear direction and plan for the digital transformation efforts in the future
  • An alignment between the front end and the back end of service provisioning
  • An understanding of the methodology and how to iterate it