Design Тhinking for better Customer Experience

According to a recent Harvard study (January 2017) 86% of CEOs and managers believe that Customer Experience is central to the success of their enterprise. Yet, in this constantly upgrading economy, where demands, expectations and behaviors are always changing - customer attention is getting scarcer, customer demands are getting more sophisticated, competition is intensifying.

In this workshop we will apply the concept of design thinking on going through your customer experience journey. We will look at the Persona and his/her Customer Journey in detail, identifying behaviors, pain points, tensions and insights that will help us in coming up with a better customer experience that is relevant and reinforcing our brand as and understanding and supporting partner.


Who is this workshop for

Sales, marketing, customer support, digital, management teams.
The best team to tackle customer experience is the one that is multi-disciplinary so that we can have a holistic and variable view upon the customer.



Expected outcomes

In this workshop we will come up with the Persona of our customer, including the psychological and behavioral characteristics. We will go through the relevant steps of the Design thinking process to understand the Persona, describe its customer journey, identify the pain points and find solutions to fixing them. We will come up with ideas to improve the customer experience that are quick wins - easy to implement and not requiring too much resources.



Structure of the workshop

A two and a half days workshop where you will learn insights about your customers. You will build their personas and journeys, you will see where opportunity for improving customer experience lies and you will brainstorm to choose the best ones to implement.

  • Day ½ : A half day is what we will spend to talk about your customers, to understand what we know and what we don’t know, to formulate our challenge and hypothesis and to get ready for interviewing our customers, and to do a couple of mock up interviews.
  • Day 2: One full day to synthesise our learnings, to make sure we have captured all the insights, to build the persona and the journey of the customers.
  • Day ½ : Another half day to brainstorm ideas for improvement using different creativity and ideation tools.


What are the benefits you will get?

  • You will get to know your customers better. Not just cursory and generically through the market researches, but in depth by actually talking to them, empathising and understanding them. This will allow us to capture insights and get user stories we will otherwise not know. They become the basis of ideating solutions that are relevant to the customers and actually work and satisfy their needs better.
  • You will be able to learn as a team a process you can use again and again for higher customer satisfaction
  • You will certainly increase the customer experience from the product/service and thus increase your profits through retention, cross and upsell and positive word of mouth recommendations.


What will you learn?

  • You will attain interview skills for ethnographic research and empathy.
  • You will learn tools for capturing the data from the field and the empathy sessions (persona and journey).
  • You will learn how to dig for insights.
  • You will learn creativity and ideation tools to help you become better at satisfying the desires of yours customers in a way that they are appreciated and lead to much better experience.