Creativity Burst

What is a Creativity Burst

Creativity Burst is a 1/2 day exercise in creativity. This workshop will give you the opportunity to push your mind in the extraordinary space of creativity. We will cheat the brain in order to make different connections through three exercises and see where this takes us and what stretched ideas we come up with when we brainstorm on our own challenge in the end. We have many exercises so feel free to do this more than once.

How does it work

In order to be creative there are several prerequisites that have to be met:

  • you have to be outside of your daily environment
  • you have to get yourself in a state of relaxation
  • you have to put on your experimentation and open mind hat
  • we solve for the first two with the help of our partner - Metta. The Creative Bursts will be done in Metta's salt rooms where we will first do some salt room meditation and get ourselves in a state of creativity and then move on to the exercises. 

Who is it ideal for

Any team who wants to push its creative limits. Any team who has a particular task and needs some inspiration. Any team who is stuck and needs to find a new approach. And any team who just wants to experiment, to have fun and to spend some time away from the office building its team dynamic.

Expected outcomes

Unfortunately, “not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Einstein admittedly said once. So the results of this mini-workshop will not be measurable. And indeed how do you measure:

  • more ideas
  • more relaxed employees
  • better team dynamics
  • better motivation for work
  • open mind and innovative thinking easier to access  

The product of all these is better performance and higher motivation. And that’s worth the investment of time and resources.