Corporate Innovation Accelerator Program (customized)

in cooperation with Eleven Ventures


Workshop: Structuring your innovation strategy and capabilitieS

If you are serious looking into building innovation culture we can offer you a two day workshop on coming up with the best way for you to go forward based on your organizational peculiarities: what your goals are, how much resources you want to commit, do you want to involve outside resources or not, what is the level of organizational readiness and what is the intensity of the process you are can handle with existing resources and workload. Based on the initial assessment and conversation we can come up together with a plan for incremental innovation, or a more disruptive process - whatever the organization is ready for an you feel comfortable with.

We are developing this line of work with Eleven Ventures in order to integrate the corporate and start-up worlds, get the creative juices flowing, and expose each other to very different points of view, to challenge our perspectives in order to move forward.

For your information, here is a very useful article from our friends at Board of Innovation about the types of Corporate Innovation efforts you could have.

This is a customized effort and it is best to have a conversation about what approach will work best for you.