Brand development

Re-thinking your brand from a human-centred point of view gives new opportunities for innovation and compelling customer experiences. We help you create a desirable brand with a purpose in its DNA. Storytelling is at the heart of every successful brand in today’s highly competitive market. We help you with the purpose, values and narrative of your brand so you can engage customers and keep the conversation going through a meaningful and well-thought communication strategy.

Case studies

Maleeva Tennis Club (brand redesign, communication)

The challenge
More than ten years after its launch, Maleeva Tennis Club (the children academy part), was evaluating its development and achievements. They approached us with the task to help them re-imagine the brand’s positioning in order to be up to date, relevant and desirable. Lots of things have changed since they first opened their doors - many new players on the market actively compete for clients and, more importantly, there was a transition in the management of the tennis academy to the new generation, as Magi Maleeva took the lead from her mother Youlia Berberian.


Process and outcome
We started a process of co-creation and a series of brand-building workshops with the key stakeholders of the academy. First we facilitated the defining of a purpose, which would act as a guiding light and will align all key people around a common goal. Then we helped them choose how to reach it, what are the values that would support this journey, and what should the narrative, tone of voice and behaviour of the brand be, so as to reflect these characteristics.

We went through a stage of discovery, where we mapped the whole eco-system of the academy. We looked through the eyes of the parents, children and trainers to discover the ways our story should be told. Finally, we developed a set of communication materials, both for internal and external communication, that reflect the brand’s essence and tell the story and mission of Maleeva Tennis Club. 


harmonica organic foods (brand development, communication and storytelling)

The challenge
We have been working with harmonica for nearly two years on various challenges - most of them related to their brand development efforts. It all started with a discussion around the positioning and pricing of their yogurt, which they thought was a core problem at the time. Taking a step back, we realized that we need to refresh and redefine (where necessary) their brand positioning, purpose and values, and eventually come up with a better way to get closer to the people, tell their story, and convey the messages and causes that drive them and that they want to spread and support.

Process and outcome
Following a previous project where we created harmonica’s brand wheel and revisited their tone of voice, we then went through the re-definition of their purpose and the supporting values. We extracted actual stories from the people at harmonica, which speak of each of their values, and then looked into various occasions, where they can tell these stories. A natural way to go was through their own events and their participation at external events. The process that followed involved the development of an event guide, as well as going through the steps from the event guide for two selected events, together with harmonica’s team. As an addition, we also looked into new groups of people they’d like to reach and engage with, and discussed where to find them, how to speak to them, and what stories to share. A final touch focused on categorizing harmonica’s events and prioritizing them in a calendar, in accordance with their immediate goals.

Harmonica are one of our first clients and we are happy that our work has continued and progressed over the years, and that they have steadily implemented design thinking not only into their internal processes and work space, but also into their mindset and overall attitude. We’re excited to continue our work in the future. 

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