Colombio wishes you a pleasant 'creative mess'!

One of the great things about having journalists among the startups we coach, is that they like to write. And they like to share their experiences. And our friends from Colombio have done both in this blog post, where they share their impressions and thoughts during our Startup Design Camp

Thank you, Tomislav and Ivana!

„If you change the way you look at things – the things you look at.. change“

"Talking from the perspective of one of the projects selected in Eleven's program, we have to say that Creative Shower's workshops were a totally unexpected journey, and certainly brought the biggest value to our project. Actually, it brought us back to the roots and the reason we started our project. 

You know, we're all fully into our projects, working and living them 24/7, and sometimes along the way we get lost in all this „overthinking“, and we tend to forget what we really want to do and why we started with it. And that „why“ is actually the biggest value we have in our projects. 

You can make the product, you can get to the market, you can start earning money, but that initial spark that occurred some night when you said to yourself  „Yes, this is great, let's do it“ - this is what drives your passion.

And that week with Rene, Kalina and Lora was all about coming back to that spark again, and it was perfectly timed – at the start of the program - which enables you to take off and fly.

What is it all about? Looking from an objective point, it's six days of workshops - playing with stickers, writing stuff on them, creating a business canvas, and doing some tasks in a good mood with open-minded people.


More than that, Creative Shower's Startup Design Camp helped us face our greatest fears of rejection and failure, and find ways not only how to surpass those fears and problems, but how to use them to our advantage in the future.

Sounds great, but the question remains - how do those ladies do that?

And, trust me, I didn't get it up to this point because all those stickers and canvases seemed like a total mess, not leading anywhere, driving me crazy sometimes, and making me laugh at other.. And the ladies were there, creating that mess and guiding us forward with incredible passion.

Until the point where it all made perfect sense one sunny Monday.

Thinking back, I suppose they simply helped us change the way we were looking at things, and after that, the things we were looking at – they changed.  And that's where the magic happened.

Come open-minded and enjoy the journey. Do not try to do your „homework“ because this is not what it's about.  There is no reward or penalty.

If you do it that way, you might find much broader sense and value you didn't even think about, not only for your project but also for yourself – as an entrepreneur and as a person.

And this is the key value upon which you build your whole company.
Enjoy the creative mess!"