How to concoct innovative ideas in the (creative) shower?

The trouble with a lot of the seemingly intangible work that we, at Creative Shower, do is that it’s hard to explain it in simple words, even though, once you experience it, you don’t need the words at all. Here is our way of helping you imagine what we do..  

So, you have a wicked problem. Like, you are not growing anymore, or your brand’s story has lost its charm, or you are not living it internally.. Or there are too many stray dogs in your municipality and you can not get rid of them.. Or your products and services are just not that exciting anymore, or.. – well, you get the picture. These wicked problems make you feel stuck and helpless, and often, even demotivated and angry because you are doing something but it just isn’t working.

No worries. We are your fixers. That is, you are.. but we are here to help. 

First, we will make a concoction from 1kg of design thinking (or more, depending on how big and scary your wicked problem is), then we will add a pinch of systems thinking, a cup of creativity and a spoon of analytical thinking. This is all mixed with a great degree of passion in a bowl of radical collaboration. What does it all mean? We work with you, your customers, and anyone else – from a designer, to a thinker, to an artist, to a scientist - to solve your problem. Yup, design thinking is all about doing.

On top of this, we will probably make you stand in the centre of the room all the time and we will walk around you. After all, our approach is human-centred. And we will invite your real clients, the real humans - to help you reframe your problem and find insights that you will base your solutions on.    

Then, after a really big dose of creativity and innovation, and brainstorming your ideas, you will test them on your humans. When the concoction has been prototyped, we feed your customers with one spoon of it and see how they like it. If something is missing, they will let us know and we will improve the concoction.

And don’t worry, the company we really love and learn from - IDEO, has been making similar tests for years and they haven proven to be extremely safe. Not to mention successful.

We hope you imagined it well enough to try it yourself. And don’t worry if it doesn’t work according to your imagination – keep experimenting and you will surely get some fresh ideas. By the way, exactly when you are stuck is when the most valuable ideas come to light. So, embrace this moment, keep calm and carry on..

Let us know if you want to chat. Or use us as a sounding board. Or tell us something we don’t know. Or just come over and have a cup of tea. Together we will add value through creativity and innovation to anything we put our minds on. See you soon.