Embracing the right attitude

If there’s anything that can open up a colorful palette of opportunities and unexplored territories - that’s your attitude.

Not convinced? Simply walk into an accelerator and observe carefully.

The minute you walk in, you will feel the incredible energy coming from the entrepreneurial spirit that we all crave and admire. It is the energy of all those people who don’t look for excuses but rather search for opportunities.  You can’t miss those, unless they are hidden behind piles for sticky notes and wild ideas.

You will recognize them by the sparks in their eyes and the intoxicating determination they carry. With them, nothing is impossible and every hurdle leads to a new opportunity – no idea is dismissed and everything has to at least be evaluated.

And those are the kind of people who usually go forward and find their way. What’s their formula? Simple:

Try it out and you’ll see.

Of course, occasionally you’ll come across the other extreme – the some-things-don’t-depend-on-us attitude. It belongs to those people who have embraced looking-for-excuses as a way (and weight) of living. Try approaching them with ideas and an open mind, and you are likely to hear all the reasons why it can’t and won’t work, and why there’s no point in even bothering.

Luckily, the second group is usually the minority. And you have to keep in mind that while we are all great at finding reasons why things won’t work out, that’s just way too easy. Challenge yourself and find the reasons why and how it will work out, and then go ahead and do it.

One of my trainers once said: “I can coach skill, but I can’t coach attitude”.

The latter is on you.