Innovation consulting

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Helping stuck companies move forward

There is a moment when you know you should do something new to keep growing, but you don't know what it is. Then you can either reinvent yourself and keep growing or you start cost cutting and dying. We can help your people to find new & sustainable sources of profit so you can keep doing what you do best. 

  • How might we kick-start innovation within our organisation?
  • How might we become more innovative and tackle disruption in our market?
  • How to structure my internal accelerator and do I need one at all?



Building innovation teams to drive results

Whether you have a running innovation team or are starting one now it is always good to understand the tools & frameworks available for innovation. We are ready to offer different training modules or just work together on a real-life innovation challenge. Do you question yourself:

  • How to make my innovation team more efficient?
  • What are new tools that can make my efforts more successful?
  • How might we use design thinking to become more innovative?
  • How might we make sure that our training efforts will be sustainable?

Innovation events


Innovation events that make sense

We believe that it is creativity and imagination that unlock innovation. And innovation then becomes the fuel for entrepreneurship and new ideas. There are many ways to spark creativity – events are one. We can help you create extraordinary events that:

  • mix different people and viewpoints;
  • inspire ideas, connections, stories;
  • give you a new perspective of your business and what is to come in the future.

Challenge us with your end goal and let us make your event worth it.

How do you define innovation & what can you do to consistently bring it into your organization?

We help you answer these questions and we are all about creative execution with a framework - design thinking.

Our process includes:


Defining the right problem to solve. Getting the right people on board. Working closely together to achieve the desired result.



Putting the customer in the center of our solution design - using empathy to better understand the needs and innovation opportunities.


Relying on multidisciplinary teams from inside and outside to get better results and more coherent customer experiences.


Frequent iterations to more quickly understand market feedback and successfully launch new products, services, experiences.

We believe that design thinking is able to scale innovation throughout the company and bring it to business models, business processes, products and services, customer experience, competency building.

Sector focus? No, thanks.

We don’t specialize in one specific sector. We jump between industries. Cross-fertilisation is key in our domain. Imagine how business models from the Fashion industry could be adapted to a Chemical partnership model.

Dear clients, thanks!

From the very beginning my team and I had a very comfortable feeling working with the Creative Shower team - we had a feeling that we had found a partner to work with on our problem rather than an external consulting firm, and this attitude never changed throughout the consultancy. My team (around 60 people) were very happy to participate in the workshops with Creative Shower and each time they felt like they gained from the participating. In the workshops they included different techniques from the design thinking field as well as from their significant experience in the corporate world to help us co-create this new structure together emphasising the value chain we have and wanted to enhance.

In the end, I believe, and so does my team, that we met the goals of our project. Now we have begun to implement the solution that we derived and I can say that we found the best solution for our problems. I am very happy to recommend Creative Shower as a partner.
— Marco Jara, Delivery Manager at Sofia Technology Consulting Hub, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I would like to highlight the excellent preparation and results achieved by the Open Innovation Challenge, an event facilitated by Creative Shower with the support of Vincenzo di Maria. We selected Creative Shower out of 3 shortlisted Bulgarian and international companies and well exceeded our expectations during execution. The incredible positive energy generated by Creative Shower drove the participants to challenge the status quo of financial services and redesign the customer and employee experience. This event created an excellent momentum within our organization and beyond, being communicated within Societe Generale group as a positive example of promoting innovation culture. As a result, the innovation program within SGEB continues with 4 internal fintech startups — established based on the winning ideas — working actively to deliver prototypes.
Having this positive experience with Creative Shower, I highly recommend their services to other organizations looking to boost innovation and intrapreneurship.
— Radoy Stoyanov, Head of Marketing and Digital Banking, Societe Generale Expressbank Bulgaria

What we believe in and why

We believe in moving forward by doing our best. We believe in working hard, having fun and constantly learning with our clients. We work alone, together and with other people. We believe in the collective intelligence of minds that are being held together by a common purpose. That is why we work with the best freelancers we know for each project we have. 

Who we are

Rene Tomova -  LinkedIn

Rene Tomova - LinkedIn

Rene Tomova - The Spirit

My name is Rene and I am the type of person, who gets totally uncomfortable the moment it gets comfortable.

I have changed my management position 7 times for 10 years at my corporate job, and I have left the company 3 years after becoming a Retail Director (responsible for 1300 people and close to 60% of the company revenues) to pursue my dreams. I started working with startups, sharing what my experience and I have worked with 100+ of them from the portfolio of Eleven. When this became a routine I created my own design thinking agency (Creative Shower), which I am constantly transforming to fit the reality of the changing world around us. 

I also have a one year old, and she is 10 years younger than her sister - came just about when life with one kid started feeling comfy again.

I have been working with large corporates and mid and small companies, startups, coaching, mentoring and experimenting with different methodologies, processes and ways of approaching problems and challenges. I went through a lot of trials and errors, delights and tribulations, mistakes and more mistakes, always looking for new methods and ways to improve the status quo, challenge the people around me to give their best and come up with relevant and meaningful solutions and new ideas that will bring the future closer.

Teodora Simeonova -  LinkedIn

Teodora Simeonova - LinkedIn

Teodora Simeonova - The Power

My name is Teodora and I am the person who gets things done.

I have worked in corporates my whole professional life (10+ years until now). I have experienced the security madness of bank industry, the rapid decision making in food retail and the desperate attempt of telco businesses to look future forward. At all these places my professional goal remained one and the same - to get deeper and deeper in the field of people development. I have been a trainer for experts and managers, a designer of training programmes and also the person, who drives this crazy wheel (an annual budget of 1+ millions BGN and managing and/or designing programmes for 500+ people.)

I have been engaged in unique projects but the most rewarding one was the one in which we used Design thinking methodology. The team engaged in this Employer Branding project used DT to revamp the employee experience in a corporation with 2000+ employees. 

I was amazed how powerful DT could be and took the decision to dive deeper and deeper in applying it. 

We have formed a SWAT team of professionals to work on the especially interesting and challenging projects for corporate innovation and company transformation


Svetla Simidchieva


Svetla builds AI for Talent Acquisition. With some 20 years of experience in talent management, employee engagement and consulting, Svetla is an avid proponent of design thinking for building products and problem solving.


Christian (Harry) Tanev


Harry has over 20 years of experience in people development in corporate environment. As a consultant and senior trainer in Develor Bulgaria, his main role is to help companies achieve their expected business results. His specialty is development of leaders and talents, strategic consulting, team management, customer experience, employee engagement and change management. As a mentor in Eleven Ventures he has helping startups in the field of business modelling and get things done, applying Lean startup approach.


Mladen Tomov


Mladen is a manager, trainer and business coach with more than 15 years of professional experience. He has extensive experience in product development, team management, and the effective implementation of Agile methodologies in an organizational context. Strong focus on customer needs applying Design Thinking. He has partnered with Fortune 500 organizations and leading professional services companies.


Jordan Petrov


Jordan is fascinated by the co-evolution of culture and technology and loves leading teams to find simple design solutions to complex problems. He is Managing Partner at Kickflip, an experience design firm, specialising in innovation, digital branding and transformation. Over the past 13 years, Jordan has acquired experience in product management and digital marketing, working in various positions on both agency and client-side. He has partnered with some of the world’s leading healthcare and life science organizations that navigate the digital health landscape.

…and more. We cherish our friends and learn through each other.

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living.

Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.
— Martha Graham